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Borneol Cinnamomum camphora (Natural Borneol)

Natural borneol is a precious rare medicinal herbs, and is a senior spices, is an importantchemical raw material. It is native to Indonesia, Sumatra, by local dipterocarp tree resinextraction, at present, this kind of tree resources are scarce, is facing depletion. Our country for 100 years and have to rely on imports, domestic experts have been searching for newplant resources. Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: we were accidentally discovered when theresource investigation. It is "wear out shoes to look, do not have a waste of effort", senior engineer Sun Xiuquan be tested when the Xinhuang Autonomous County of Hunan provinceand Dong, found a call of borneol Cinnamomum camphora camphor tree, and extractednatural borneol. Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: This is China origin, is our Xinhuang camphor tree, we are the country of origin. Original inconspicuous borneol Cinnamomum camphora, all of a sudden become dignitaries up. Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: it is with the other originalZhangshu mixed together, like, are camphor. A green, a barren mountain afforestation,camphor, with its wood, now know to extract the borneol by its leaves. Compared with Indonesia's Sumatra dipterocarp tree, this produced in Hunan Xinhuang borneolCinnamomum camphora and some of their own personality. Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: this tree is evergreen appearance characteristics, we this is the typical tree species insubtropical. It is the typical tropical rain forest tree species in the Dipterocarpaceae tree, it is,this is us the camphor tree Cinnamomum camphora. Because market demand and limited supply, natural borneol has been prominent in. Now, the new discovery of borneolCinnamomum camphora is tantamount to found Hunan Xinhuang infuse stitch cardiac, wherefarmers began planting a large number of borneol Cinnamomum camphora.

Reporter: this tree has a few years?

Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: three years, including cutting a year.

Reporter: three years, it has the fragrance?

Sun Xiuquan: Senior Engineer, borneol content is the highest Is it right? Leaves? On, on, on top of the leaves.

According to the test, every kilograms of borneol Cinnamomum camphora leaves, can be refined natural borneol five grams, and each gram of natural borneol value 10 yuan. Senior Engineer Sun Xiuquan: this year we have a part in the French market. To the French market,got 10 kg, 10 kg, it try, because this is used with advanced spices. Natural borneol andelegant aroma, known as the name of the plant musk. According to the "dictionary of Chinese medicine" records: natural borneol through orifices, dispersing stagnated fire, go to thenebula, swelling and pain. Because the natural borneol so wide, therefore, its market capacityis huge, borneol camphor tree planting scale development of natural borneol prospects will be very broad.

A company responsible person Yao Chengwu: the current domestic natural borneol market demand is 500 tons per year, the international market is 10000 tons. We are now in thisregard is to do something. A fine varieties we breeding, it content increased up, another to carry out comprehensive utilization.