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Transgenic plant, industrial revolution or farmers disaster?

For centuries, spices and seasonings USA comes from exotic plants, but now, a powerfulgenetic engineering promises to make the production process of some of the most popularseasonings and spices have a revolutionary change. Not be extracted from plants, they will be built from the transgenic yeast, or industrial VATS in other microorganisms produced.California -- Amery Vail, saffron vanilla, patchouli. For centuries, these spices and seasoningsare exotic plants, they grow in distant places, such as the jungles of Mexico, or Madagascarhillside terrace. In the Silk Road (Silk Road) and other ancient trade routes, some spices and seasonings can sell a good price. Now, a powerful genetic engineering promises to make the production process of some of the most popular seasonings and spices have a revolutionary change. Not be extracted from plants, they will be built from the transgenic yeast, or industrialVATS in other microorganisms produced. Amy Reiss company (Amyris) co-founder Jay Dkiesling (Jay D. Keasling) said, "this and brewing beer is the same, but not alcohol yeastoutput, but the output of these products." Amy Reiss is a pioneer in the field, headquarters is located in Emery Weil. However, although the yeast produced alcohol, but if not genetically modified large, could not produce spices, this transformation is called synthetic biology. The advent of synthetic biology, raises some difficult economic and regulatory problems, for example, yeast output component can be called natural ingredients? Rely on these crops in developing countries would be hurt? Supporters say, this method can make the food andcosmetics company benefit, and ultimately to benefit consumers, can reduce the dependenceof agricultural production caused by price, supply and quality fluctuation. It even may alleviate some excessive collection of wild plants in the pressure, such as sandalwood, this is a kind ofprovide spice tree. Fermentation tank of Amy Reiss company, the company is located in the California of Emery Weil, it was modified to yeast, used to produce including anti malaria drugs, products. These products taste or smell and authenticity are almost the same, they arequickly emerged, even beyond the range of flavors and fragrances, including rubber and medicines and other commodities. This year in April, Sanofi pharmaceutical company (Sanofi)begins to use by baker yeast transformation after gene Amy Reiss, batch production is an important malaria drugs. The composition of the chemicals are usually extracted from a shrub, which grows in many countries Chinese, Vietnam and Africa, is a wild, has also planted. A moisturizing milk production of Amy Reiss is still the cosmetics company, theproducts are usually extracted from olive or shark liver. Swiss Corporation Evolva is going to start marketing yeast production of vanillin, which is the main component of vanilla. The company also developed this kind of spice saffron, at present mainly from planting in Irancrocus. There are two companies Isobionics and Allylix are respectively production Barronsub ene and nootkatone, the former is a condiment, usually extracted from orange, the latter is a grape flavored seasoning, can also be used as repellents. Tuwana Jason, chief executive officer of Holland based Isobionics company (Toine Janssen) said, "this production reallyharmless to the environment. The whole process is sustainable." However, critics say, pose a threat to the means of making a living and export this technology to developing countries.Canadian technology supervision organization of ETC group (ETC Group) researcher Jim Thomas (Jim Thomas) said, "their goal, is the farmers around the World tropical pocket." The leading supplier of natural herbs, the headquarters is located in New York forest region DareExtract Company Brook Virginia (VDEC) CEO Rick Brownell (Rick Brownell) said, Madagascarhas 80000 farmers planting vanilla, the country is one of the world's poorest. The 63 year old Madagascar farmer Bozo Nina (Bersonina) said, "I really rely on it to survive." Bo Sony thatonly the name, he in the company arranged telephone interview said, last year he producedabout 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of vanilla, earned 200 dollars (about 1218 yuan), the money is only enough to maintain a four life. He said, he did not quite understand the yeastproduction of vanilla substitutes, however, he can imagine, the industrialization process "can produce tens of thousands of tons of vanilla", a threat to him such a farmer. Another problem is that, in genetically modified food labeling requirements of the country, whether organic compounds containing this ingredient food need to indicate the production of rotation gene.Condiment company said, they don't think so, the reason is that the yeast is considered as aprocessing aid, rather than a source of food.


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