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The health of the wonderful perfume

Many people do not know, the ancients used as seasoning and spice plants is not only to increase the flavor to the dish. Scientific research has proven that, some spice plants also plays an important role in the extension of food shelf life. For example: in China, the various "favourite spiced food" the main spices used for cinnamon and anise, cinnamon bark contains "cinnamic acid, and star anise contains" shikimic acid, antibacterial effect of these two kinds of material are very strong. Recently, foreign food researchers published the article research progress of commonly used spices plant health care function is introduced, so a lot of spiceplants also have health refinement.

Cassia bark for the Lauraceae plants -- cinnamon bark tree. With "insulin" substances can regulate blood sugar, cinnamon, prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of postprandial hyperglycemia.

Ginger Zingiberaceae ginger root. It is also a taste of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, mainly has the stomach and eliminate the stomach cold effect. The researchers found, ginger and lessen the effect of muscle soreness after participating in sports activities,because ginger contains "Ginger phenol" can block the pain signal transmission pathway.

Cardamom cardamom contained "macene" has excellent growth inhibition of tumor cell, so often eat with cardamom and other spices plant foods can reduce the risk of cancer.

Cumin, cumin looks somewhat like celery, the seeds for cumin. Cumin originating in the Mediterranean area, Chinese Xinjiang area people also grow and as the spice habit.According to reports, cumin and enhance human immunity and prevent mental decline effect.

Many people mistakenly think that curry curry powder is a kind of tropical perfume plant, in fact, mixed seasoning curry is a variety of plant processed. According to the introduction, the main ingredient in curry powder and pepper Jiang Huang. Jiang Huang contains "has strongantioxidant effects of curcumin" (equivalent to 50 times the vitamin C or vitamin E), so ofteneat curry can reduce the chances of people suffering from breast cancer, gastric cancer and colon cancer.

The researchers found that the red pepper, red pepper contains capsaicin (Department ofstrong pungent substances -- an oily resin), can accelerate the body fat "burning", and therefore have the effect reducing weight is good. Clinical trials confirm, as long as people eata spoonful of chili per meal, can be reduced by at least 70 calories