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Research on the key technology of spices and oil plant indus

The State Forestry Administration Network May 29th news on May 23rd, the State Forestrynonprofit industry research specific major projects "Sichuan spice and characteristics of oil plants in the industrialization of key technology research" project in Chengdu held. Units from the forest China Forest Science Institute, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, Chinese Forestry Institute of Sichuan Province, subforest food institute project consulting experts attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the provincial forestry department the Department of science and technology,Sichuan Province Forestry Bureau Chief Engineer Luo Jianguo attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The project is hosted by the Sichuan Academy of forestry, Northeast Forestry University,Heilongjiang Sanyuan Dairy Machinery Co., involved in the big. The project around the majorplanning and social development of national forestry development needs, according to thecharacteristics of mountain, abundance of Cinnamomum, Cinnamomum petrophilum, Yama Kiriko woody plants such as Woody spices and oil plant resources with high efficiency, obtain high value target component monomer compounds as output target, in basic resourcessurvey and objective components of temporal and spatial distribution and quality identification of foundation last, using high yield, Gao Chundu, no pollution, green technology without wasteseparation of the target component, development of independent intellectual property rights of the technology, process and related special equipment development of integrated innovation and demonstration application, technical system of industrial demonstration scale development integration form, weak geological abundance of woody spices and oil plantresources the. On this basis, formed in abundance resource deep processing as the basis,advanced science and technology as the support, obvious regional characteristics, economicbenefits and environmental benefits significant industrial structure in the new pattern, promote the farmers area weak geological conditions, the efficiency of forestry income, promote local economic development.

The undertaking unit report the research task, based on the project implementation plan,evaluation index and the expected results of the participants, consulting experts on the implementation of the project the possible problems in the process of research, difficulties,and technical route puts forward advice and suggestions, and experts and participants ofproject engaged in heated discussions and extensive exchanges. The meeting also carried out management, industry special financial project implementation and management of special training.